Ugg Boot Cleaning? Yes, we do that!

Posted by Brandon at February 6th, 2015
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It’s been a while and we are a little behind on keeping up on this whole blogging thing.  Probably because we are much better garment care professionals than writers. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the time of year we receive more Ugg boots to clean the water and salt stains from the harsh winter weather season.  Let Nu-Yale Cleaners give your Uggโ€™s the care they deserve and keep them looking like new.  Our in house shoe and Ugg cleaning specialist can professionally clean, condition, and restore them to like new.  As a family owned business since 1956, we have years of experience in a full range of garment care needs. 
The Uggs we receive are cleaned in house by hand inside and out.  We even have the ability to restore color via restoration and dying.  Want to protect them of water stains? We apply a water proofing and stain repellent solution to all our Uggs to help keep them looking good and long lasting.  So why replace when you can clean and restore your Uggs to like new condition before and after the winter season.  Come to your nearest Nu-Yale Cleaners today!

2 responses to “Ugg Boot Cleaning? Yes, we do that!”

  1. I just barely got my daughter some ugg boots for her birthday a few weeks ago! But, she is worried that when she started wearing them more, that they are going to get all dirty and worn. So I really appreciate you talking about the best way to clean these kind of boots. This before and after picture is amazing by the way. I'll definitely have to remember this, and see if I will be able to help clean up my daughters boot s.

  2. I just got a new pair of Uggs this Christmas, and they already are caked on with salt stains, and dirty snow stains. This is mostly because I wear them almost every day, but I was still really sad to see how fast they became dirty. I had no idea that you could get your shoes dry cleaned, and on top of that you guys clean the outside and the inside! I am so excited to take them in and have them cleaned and looking like new again.
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