Free Home Pickup And Delivery Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Delivery Van

Have you ever experienced free pick up and delivery dry cleaning/laundry to your front door? 

Save time with our FREE pickup and delivery dry cleaning service to your home or office. You will find our service is easy and saves you time, money, & gas!  You don’t have to be home for the pickup or delivery (contactless!).  We provide you with a complimentary bag and door hook to hang your orders on the front door of your home.

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Current or existing (store) customers:  login and request a pickup here Client Login

Our route pickup/delivery days are Monday / Thursday or Tuesday / Friday based on your delivery area.

Your driver will follow up with you after online sign up to further explain the service and answer any other questions our preferences you may have.

Delivery Driver Contacts:

Taneika Todd Daryl Bohannon Brandon Maloney
812-639-1169 502-417-4070 502-417-4050

How It Works

Free Pick Up & Delivery FAQs

What time will you be by?

We do not have set times,  only route service days.  We tell everyone to have their bag out on their front door by 8am on your scheduled route day and we will be by that day to get it.

How can I let you know if I don’t have anything to pick up?

We send out a route text reminder the night before your scheduled route days.  If you don’t have a pickup, simply reply “No” to the text reminder and you will be removed from our schedule for the day.

Is there a minimum or do I have to use the service every week?

No, it doesn’t matter whether you use the service once a week or once a month, we are most likely just a few minutes away with a nearby stop.

Do I have to be home for the delivery?

No, we will deliver back to your front door on a hook the following scheduled route day.

When will my items be delivered after a pickup?

Your items will be delivered on your following scheduled route day.  For example, if we pick up on a Monday, items will be returned on Thursday.  Some items such as alterations, comforters, rugs, drapes, will have a longer turnaround.