Environmentally Friendly

  Environmentally Friendly

In 2008/2009, Nu -Yale Cleaners installed a new revolutionary dry cleaning process called Glacier Dry Cleaning. Nu-Yale Cleaners is proud to be the first in the Kentuckiana area and a leader across the country to adopt this revolutionary breakthrough in green dry cleaning technology.  This dry cleaning process is not only better and gentler for your clothes but also environmentally friendly.

The basic component of the system is a Halogen-free, bio-based solvent that has earned the USDA Certified Bio-based Product label with its 88% bio-based formula. When used properly, Glacier Dry Cleaning eliminates environmental risk to air, water, soil, and, most importantly, humans.  In addition, it is hypo-allergenic and has been tested as “very good” by dermatologists.

Made from Corn

SOLVONK4, the main ingredient in SYSTEMK4, the technology that drives Glacier Dry Cleaning, is the first and only dry cleaning solvent produced in part from plant-based renewable resources, replacing its previous carbon source (crude oil) with carbon from corn. The biobased materials used in the production of SOLVONK4 are produced at a retooled ethanol plant in Minnesota, and all the corn processed at the plant comes from over 150 family-owned farms.

At Nu-Yale Cleaners, we care about the environment and that’s why we’ve chosen a truly renewable and sustainable process to deliver exceptional quality and service to you.


Certified Environmental Drycleaner

Nu-Yale Cleaner’s has been certified by the International Fabricare Institute for being
environmentally safe and/or friendly. Nu-Yale has been committed for years toward protecting
the environment and satisfying the standards of the IFI while providing quality service.