Large Volume Washing

Large Volume Washing

Large Volume Wash Room

  • Large Capacity (Quality Size) 50 to 800lbs
  • Milner Equipment
  • Finishing Units
  • Inspection Units
  • Bleach Wash
  • Pre Wash
  • Enzyme Detergent
  • Product Development
  • Cotton face mask and/or surgical mask.
  • Medical gowns

Since 1975, Nu-Yale’s large volume washing division has worked with the leading garment manufacturers: Carhart, WranglerCalvin KleinPoloBuster BrownLiz Wear & Bugle Boy, just to mention a few, to help fix garment quality issues or prepare garments for retail distribution.

Nu-Yale Cleaners currently handles large volume washing of jeans, dress shirts, jackets, overalls, and more for government, local businesses, and garment manufacturers.

**Due to recent demand for pre-washing surgical mask after sewing or after use, Nu-Yale Cleaners has washing machines from 50 to 800lbs to handle your surgical or cotton face mask washing needs.