Band and ROTC Uniforms Cleaning

Band Uniforms Cleaning

Is the season of marching wearing band and ROTC uniforms or choir robes coming up? Whether they were cleaned at the end of the season last year or they need cleaning before the first event, Nu -Yale Cleaners is ready to help you with your band and ROTC uniforms needs.

WOW!  Free pickup & delivery.
WOW!  Automatically bag students’ uniforms together.
WOW!  Return uniforms to the assigned students at no extra charge.
WOW!  Exclusive Glacier Dry Cleaning process.
WOW!  Odorless, the brightest colors, and extends garment life!
WOW!  Truly Green and Truly Clean!

“It takes 3-4 volunteers 6 hours to assemble 135 band uniforms for the individual.  With Nu-Yale’s barcoding and assembly technology we were able to completely eliminate this task.”  ~Angela B., Floyd Central High School Band 

Nu-Yale Cleaners takes the hassle out of returning uniforms back to the assigned student.  Our computerized assembly system will automatically bag a student’s uniform together with their name listed at no extra charge.

Nu-Yale Cleaners is one of the first cleaners in the world to install a new dry-cleaning technology called Glacier Dry Cleaning.   The process is 100% environmentally friendly, uses a biodegradable cleaning solvent, and is odorless.  That means no more hazardous chemicals used and band uniform life and appearance are improved dramatically.

Our Glacier Dry Cleaning process is the biggest breakthrough in dry cleaning technology in 60 years. Colors stay brighter, clothes last longer, stains are more easily removed, and it’s truly “green”.

For more information on our excellent band uniform services please call Brandon at (812) 285-7400 X131 or email