Our Story

Founded in 1956 by Wilbur Horlander, our story started out as a coin laundry service as in home laundry machines were not readily available at the time. Horlander later bought Yale Cleaners and renamed the business Nu-Yale Cleaners, expanding into offering dry cleaning services. As business grew, the main headquarters was moved to a 16,000 sq. ft. facility located at 2940 Holmans lane in Jeffersonville, IN.

In the 1970’s, brothers Gary and later Bill Maloney entered the business. As Nu-Yale grew and expanded into a large garment manufacturer re-work and stone washing blue jeans for major brands, the main headquarters re located to its current 50,000 sq. ft. facility located at 6300 E. Hwy 62 in Jeffersonville, IN.  By the early 2000’s, much of the stone-washing denim business had moved to lower cost countries and Nu-Yale had to refocus and diversify its operations.

Currently, brothers Gary, and Bill Maloney have grown Nu-Yale Cleaners into large diversified garment cleaning and restoration company. Nu-Yale Cleaners is seen as one stop shop for dry cleaning services built on the value of high quality and service. With 14 store locations and free pick up/delivery, Nu-Yale is the only cleaner in Kentuckiana selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners. Nu-Yale Cleaners is one of the few cleaners that have the skills and capabilities in-house to clean special items like wedding gowns, leather & suede, shoes, alterations, drapes, etc. Nu-Yale’s CRDN division owns a franchise territory covering a 200 mile radius from So. IN to Evansville, most of Kentucky, and greater Cincinnati, OH. The CRDN division provides cleaning and restoration services for clothes, electronics, and contents to customers with smoke, fire, water damage primarily in the home. Nu-Yale also does large garment manufacturer pre wash/re-work and inspect for brands such as Guess, Carhartt, Ann Taylor, etc. and has a linene laundry service for the Ft. Knox basic training summer recruits.