Drapery and Bedding cleaning

  • Adjust-a-drape
  • Area rug
  • Oriental rugs
  • Table linens
  • Futon (covers and Mattresses)
  • Stuffed pillows
  • Mini blinds
  • Bundle laundry
  • Car covers

A Machine, A Method

The Adjust-a-Drape machine, designed to effeciently produce true drapery finishing, has set the quality standard for superior drapery care.

There are many drapery folders in use. They are not to be confused with the Adjust-a-Drape machine. It is a complete finishing unit that blocks the drape as part of the finishing process. Therein lies its ability to enable you to guarantee to your customer the original drapery length and squared panels free of fabric distortion that hang correctly with even hemlines and beautifully uniform folds.

Quality and Productivity

The goal of the Adjust-a-Drape drapery care program is to give customer assurance of quality care and the restoration of draperies which will hang again correctly and beautifully. The production of that quality is the machine’s first purpose. Drapery folders in common use cannot provide those quality assurances that build reputation.

In summary, the Adjust-a-Drape machine with its effective simplified finger system and exclusive enclosed cabinet makes the ultimate in drapery finishing quality attainable at a better production rate than does any other method. If you are going to really guarantee length and an absolutely squared drapery properly pleated, you will obtain those results easier and faster with greatest certainty with the Adjust-a-Drape machine.

The “Adjust-a-Drape” blocking system allows us to guarantee perfect pleats and exact lengths every time. Have you had your drapes cleaned and the liner was left hanging below the drapes? You don’t have to put up with that kind of poor quality. Come see us – the experts!

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