Feather Pillows

Feather Pillows Cleaning & RenovationWe can clean, fluff, sanitize, and deodrize pillows to make them look like new!

Why have your pillow renovated?

Over time, pillows tend to become flat, or lose their bounce, regardless of the filling. They disintegrate, leaving dust. Most people who have allergies tend to think it is the feathers in the pillow that irritates them, but actually it is this dust. Our pillow service, will clean and return the bounce to your pillows.

We have a unique pillow service is designed specifically for pillow renovating.  It uses an ozone emitting germicidal light to kill bacteria, sanitize, and deodorize the filling. You cut open the old pillow, empty it into a tumble chamber which has rotating brushes that expose everything to the germicidal lights breaks up clumps that have formed, fluffs up the down clusters, and sifts out the dust that has been trapped in the pillow. If it’s a feather and/or down pillow you can add more new filling to bring it back to the density of a new pillow. At the end of the cycle all the filling is blown back into a 100% cotton feather and down proof ticking.  Our pillow service also saves time and money for many hotels locally.