Feather Pillows Cleaning

Feather Pillow Cleaning

down pillow restoration

Feather Pillows Cleaning & Renovation

We can clean, fluff, sanitize, and deodorize your feather pillows to make them look like new!

Why get your feather pillow cleaned and renewed?

Over time, feather pillows tend to become flat, or lose their bounce, regardless of the filling.  They can disintegrate and leave dust.  People with allergies tend to believe it is the feathers in the pillow that irritates them, but actually, it’s the dust.  As a result, millions of perfectly good pillows are thrown into the landfill each year.  Rather than throwing away good pillows and good money, our Pillow-Vac service will clean and revitalize your old down and feather pillows, restoring them to their original fullness and comfort.

We will clean, sanitize, deodorize, and return the bounce to your pillows with our pillow renew service.

How does our Pillow-Vac service work?

First, we open your old pillow, empty it into a tumble chamber with rotating brushes that exposes everything to ultraviolet lights.  Our unique process begins by fluffing out the dust and then uses ozone emitting ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, sanitize, deodorize, and clean the down filling.    Next, it breaks up clumps that have formed and fluffs up the down feather clusters.  If it’s a feather and/or down pillow, we can also add more new filling to bring it back to the density of a new pillow.  Finally, we retick the pillow by blowing the filling back into the 100% cotton feather and down-proof ticking making your pillows soft and comfortable again.  Our pillow restoration service also saves time and money for many hotels and homeowners locally.

Can I ship my feather or down pillows to your facility to be cleaned?

Yes, we have a courier service available.  Simply contact us here with details of what you need us to clean and renew.  We will email you back an estimate if needed and instructions on where/how to ship to our main facility in Jeffersonville, IN.


**With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus, we have seen recent demand for this service.  This is a great way to clean and sanitize your feather pillows while having the rest of your household items cleaned.**