Can Dry Cleaning be Green and Clean?

Posted by Brandon at April 8th, 2011
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Since it’s Earth month, I thought I write a short piece on the environmental issues with dry cleaning.

Did you know that organic dry cleaning is hardly “organic”? Any chemist knows anything with a carbon atom in it is organic, like gasoline.  Some dry cleaners have exploited this term, and many unsuspecting people think “organic dry cleaning” is chemical free. Most dry cleaners nationwide are still using traditional dry cleaning methods involving hazardous chemicals called PERC or Hydrocarbon (a “natural” petroleum solvent).

There is an entirely new process developed by Solvair we installed in 2008 called our Glacier Dry Cleaning.
The advantages of our Glacier Dry Cleaning vs.traditional dry cleaning are:

• A truly “green” way of dry cleaning; every step considers the environment.

• Cleans better than traditional dry cleaning.

• Keeps white garments, bright.  No yellowing or graying.

• A truly gentle and cold process; heat is not used so stains never set.


In the past 50 years, dry cleaning has not changed much until now. As a family owned dry cleaner for over 50 years this is the first innovation that we have seen which is truly amazing.  It not only solves all the environmental issue but it cleans better too.  A win-win for us and the consumer.

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