The case for the missing garment?

Posted by Brandon at January 11th, 2011
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Situation:  You believe you did not receive one of your garments back from the cleaners so you ask them to look for it.  Your cleaners search for the garment but cannot seem to locate it anywhere so they suggest you (the customer) misplaced the item.  You (the customer), double checks at home and still cannot locate the garment so now you are for sure it’s the cleaners who misplaced the item.   

Has this scenario happened to you?

If so, perhaps your cleaners still tracks garment items manually and has not invested in advance software systems and heat seal barcode technology.  The advantages of using a cleaners that utilizes heat sealed barcode technology are: 

Tracking garment history– Dates and # times cleaned, service performed (cleaning, alteration, etc.)
Track garment details– brand, color, item type.
Track garment processing stage– when it’s detailed, cleaned, finished, delivered/sold. 

At Nu Yale Cleaners, we are committed to tracking your garments with the highest level of accuracy.  That’s why years ago we invested in advance software systems and heat sealed barcode technology to provide you (the customer) with the best garment tracking/details possible.  So don’t wait for another garment to go missing at your cleaners.  Come see the Nu Yale difference today!

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