What can I do if I’m too busy during the holidays to make trips to the dry cleaners?

Posted by Brandon at December 7th, 2010
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Solution:  Check and see if your cleaners offers a FREE pick up and delivery route service to your home/office.  It’s a strange concept to some, so I thought I’d answer a few common questions I receive about our route service.

1.  When do you come by for pick up/delivery?
Depending on your location, we follow a Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday schedule.

2.  Do I have to be home for delivery?
No.  We provide you with 2 garment bags and a clear door hang for your front door. 

3.  Should I worry about my clothes being taken?
No.  This has not been an issue for us or thousands of cleaners across the country. 

4.  Do I need to call you for a pick up?
No.  We will always be by 2X a week whether you have soiled garments or not.

5.  How do I sign up for this free service?
You can sign up at www.nuyale.com or give us a call at (812) 285-7400.
At Nu Yale Cleaners, we are committed to saving you time and money with your dry cleaning.  Once you try our free route service, you’ll never want to make another trip to the cleaners again.  So give us a call or sign up online and come see the Nu Yale difference today!

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