Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation:  Preserving Your Memories…

Thinking about cleaning and preserving your wedding dress?  Has your gown yellow or greyed over time and needs restored?  Wedding dresses represent a significant financial investment, and many brides and their families want to store and protect their gowns for future generations. We understand the importance of preservation and restoration better than most.  We are the only local member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists in Louisville, KY, and Southern Indiana.  Your dress will not be sent to a wedding gown specialist in another state.  That means all wedding gown cleaning and presentations are done by us locally in-house!

Why would have their wedding gown cleaned and preserved?

  1. For their daughter to possibly wear in the future.
  2. If you want to display it at future anniversaries.
  3. To preserve the lasting memories of your special day.
  4. In order to resell it.

Our wedding gown preservation service will help you properly protect your gown for storage. Let Nu-Yale Cleaners help preserve your wedding gown and your memories.

Preparation and Preservation

Our professional bridal gown preservation and/or restoration cleaning process starts with the removal of a variety of stains such as soda, wine, food, and body oils.  Spot stain removal is critical because traditional dry cleaning methods cannot dissolve sugar and it will caramelize over a period of time, turning into unattractive brown/yellow stains.  If not removed effectively, salt from perspiration stains will remain and tends to deteriorate the fabric over time. Nu-Yale Cleaners uses special spotting formulas to dissolve sugar and provide an anti-oxidation treatment.

Next,  your wedding gown is dry cleaned and inspected prior to our preservation process.   In the final step, your gown is once again inspected and then preserved.  We place your gown in a premium museum-quality box with an acid-free window for viewing.  Our preservation box is designed so your wedding gown will not shift when stored over time.  We also offer a Tyvek garment bag designed to hang in a closet.

Other items we can clean and preserve for you?

First Communion Dresses, Military Uniforms, Prom Gowns, Sports Uniforms, Baby Blankets, School Play Costumes, Handmade Quilts, Cheerleader Uniforms, Needlepoint, etc.

 100% Lifetime Guarantee!  Your wedding gown preservation with us comes with a lifetime guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of the gown.  Backed by all the members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, no matter where you live.

Lifetime Guarantee

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