Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network (CRDN)

“We Restore Memories!”

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Some Items we can clean and restore…

  • Dolls and Stuffed Animals
  • Leather & Suede
  • Animal Mounts/Taxidermy
  • Area Rugs, Drapes, and Curtains.
  • Purses/handbags
  • Quilt blankets
  • Shoes of all kinds
  • *NEW Electronics (eCertified)–  Our proprietary eCertified process involves testing, verifyng, and inspecting all electronics 3 times along with thorough cleaning. See more here

Meet the Team

Kim Barrett
First Responder
c: 502-664-9264
CRDN of Southern IN & Kentucky

Sally Bolger
First Responder
c: 513-508-6804
CRDN of Greater Cincinnati

Don Edds
Sales Director
c: 502-376-9246

Melissa Howard
First Responder
c: 859-983-5041
CRDN of Kentucky


“Chris was very polite and professional. He always responded to my emails and phone calls right away. Answered all questions. I never had to worry about my things! – Jennifer H. – Cincinnati, OH”

“We recently had a house fire and used CRDN/NuYale to handle our textiles cleaning.  Working with this team was great experience in a not so great situation.  They were very prompt in showing up and were extremely courteous and helpful in handling what was going on.  They were also very accommodating when a couple months in we realized we needed some clothes that they had already cleaned.  I would highly recommend this group not only for the excellently cleaned textiles,but also for the people you get to work with.” – John C. – Georgetown, KY

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Proud supporter of the 4th straight local Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

2010 video: The Lampe Family

The CRDN Process!


  • Complete room-by-room inventory
  • Thorough process
  • Digital photographs
  • Pre-existing conditions noted
  • Standardized, consistent forms
  • Work Authorization
  • On-site Inventory
  • Leather and Fur Form
  • Satisfaction Slip
  • Non-salvageable List
  • Special handling procedures for high value items
  • Sentimental / heirloom pieces
  • Leathers and furs
  • Work authorization and on-site inventory signed by homeowner
  • Verification of what is removed from site
  • Comparison with printed invoice ensures exact match of unit counts, brand and pricing
  • Non-restorable/Non-salvageable inventory
  • Detailed listing with reason for rejection is provided to homeowner and insurance adjuster or contractor
  • Non-salvageable list also includes manufacturer name, garment fabric content and size
  • Leather and fur control sheet
  • Additional layer of verification
  • Identifies bigger ticket items
  • Tracking
  • Every order is individually entered into the system and tracked electronically
  • Storage
  • Electronic scanning to stored location
  • Secure facilities
  • Delivery
  • Computer-generated delivery report insures complete order accuracy
  • Homeowner signature confirmation
  • On-site, room-by-room inventory
  • Consistent computerized billing procedures
  • Expeditious pickup and delivery
  • Local in-plant laundering and drycleaning
  • 24-hour national call center
  • Trained, uniformed customer service representatives with photo ID
  • Clearly marked vehicles
  • Nationally standardized forms
  • Online capability, including Web-based billing and information access
  • Responsive and time sensitive
  • Inventory control
  • “Rush” capability to minimize homeowner inconvenience and reduce ALE
  • In-plant alterations and repair service
  • Secure, on-site storage
  • Full-service textile capability retains control of the process
  • Restoration success rate above 96%
  • Risk-free guarantee
  • If it doesn’t restore, it’s FREE