3 easy ways a dry cleaner can help you go green?

Posted by Brandon at October 6th, 2010
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After recently receiving the 2010 GLI inc.credible award for the Greening/Sustainability category, I would like to share some simple ways to protect the environment with your dry cleaner.
The Dry Cleaning Process:  Is your cleaners still using a hazardous solvent called Perc or Hydrocarbon?  If so, seek a cleaners that has proactively switched to a CO2 based process or Solvair.  These are currently the only methods approved by the EPA and are more effective in removing a wider range of stains.
 Recycling Hangers:   Some cleaners may use a biodegradable hanger while others actively promote the recycling of hangers by providing free hanger caddies for their customers.
Free pick up & Delivery:  See if your dry cleaner offers free pick up & delivery to your home or office.  This not only saves time and money but also helps the environment.
At Nu Yale Cleaners, we are truly green in all three areas.  Our New Glacier Dry Cleaning developed by Solvair is the only in Kentuckiana.  We encourage our customers to return hangers in our free hanger caddies and any customer can utilize our free pick up & delivery service by simply signing up on our website.  Go green and come see the Nu Yale difference today!

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