Wedding Gown Preservation

Appearance benefits:

  • Original whiteness/color maintained
  • No spots, stains, streaks, or swales
  • No creases in sleeves
  • No leave-off marks
  • No sharp creases in gathered areas
  • No zipper that sticks
  • No rips, tears, un-stitched seams or hemlines
  • The appropriate finish on fabric
  • No distortion or stretching

Packing benefits:

  • No metal hangers
  • Acid-free box or box lined with white, acid-free tissue
  • No plastic bags
  • No vacuum sealing; integrity of guarantee
  • Metal buttons/findings and shoulder pads stored separately
  • Sleeves, bodice, and folds stuffed with acid-free tissue to prevent hard wrinkles

* All Wedding gown are cleaned and preserved in house at our Jeffersonville, IN main facilities.
We do not send them to a specialist in another state.  We’re your local specialist!

Tests Performed by Independent Laboratory on Four Identical Bridal Gowns, Cleaned and Preserved by Four Nationally-Known Bridal Gown Preservation Services and Measured Against Fifth Identical, Never-Worn Bridal Gown

Characteristics Possible
Wedding Gown
Company 2 Company 3 Company 4
Appearance 60 47 42 28 25
Packaging 40 40 23 9 27
Total 100 87 65 37 52